Mobile Xpress Clinics was founded by Biotech leaders to expand access to affordable and accurate COVID-19 testing.

Our mission is to reduce the economic impact of the pandemic, and help keep our communities, functional, healthy, and safe.


Our Story

COVID-19 changed our lives as executives and scientists within the healthcare industry. We evaluated options to keep our employees safe and working during the pandemic. The data show that infection is spread by symptomatic as well as asymptomatic patients and that early diagnostics is required. 


We implemented COVID-19 testing in our own labs and offered it to employees. The impact on morale and the work environment was tremendous. People feel safer, since we know the health status of each employee. No test is error free, so we still implemented social distancing and reduced staff working with minimal amount of staffing per shift. 


Based on our own lab’s experience we decided our next step was to bring the test to as many people as possible. We think that the testing must come rapidly to communities today. Mobile Xpress Clinics aims to bring testing to wherever it is needed.

Our Team

Mobile Xpress Clinics was founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs from the San Diego Healthcare Industry: virologists with experience in high-safety laboratory operations (BSL3), molecular biologists and scientists with diagnostic development experience, software developers, engineers, logistics and supply chain experts, regulatory specialists, CLIA laboratory operators,  and diagnostic test providers.


Roger Schechter, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Roger B. Schechter, MD is a nationally recognized wound care physician and entrepreneur. Roger is trained in emergency medicine, has practiced wound care medicine for 19 years, and is currently the Medical Director for Wound Management at Palomar Health in San Diego. In addition to his medical practice, Roger is Chief Medical officer at Synergy Wound Technology and is a consultant to industry helping to bridge the divides that separate the clinical, basic research, and business aspects of wound care for biotechnology and digital health companies. 


Kulvinder Kaur, DPhil

Head of Scientific Development

Kulvi is an experienced scientist specializing in applying -omics technologies to ‘bench to bedside’ initiatives.  She has expertise in the fields of cardiology, cancer research, infectious disease, fertility, pharmacogenomics, exosomes, epigenetics and molecular diagnostics.  Kulvi received her academic qualifications at the University of Oxford before being invited to join the US Biotech industry as an 'Alien of Extraordinary Abilities'.


Burt De Mill

Advisor Diagnostics Operations

Burt De Mill is a 15-year veteran of the CLIA/CAP certified clinical diagnostics industry, with a distinguished track record of product launches and commercial success at numerous early stage companies. His background includes extensive work in the commercialization of LDT’s (Laboratory Developed Tests) for oncology, as well as autism and developmental delay in children.


Branden Lee

Head of Supply Chain Management

Branden is the Site Head for BirdoTech-US, a drug discovery CRO.  He is experienced in medicinal chemistry, project management, and import/export logistics.  In his free time, he engages in business development activities for meaningful projects.


Keith Tatsukawa

Head of Logistics

Keith currently is a scientist in the biotech industry developing therapies for Alzheimers, Parkinson’s disease and Cancer.  He has prior experience creating a team to develop a sideline assessment, point of care concussion assessment device that would assist in “Remove from Play” and “Return to Play/work” objective decision making. He also has 20+ years of Volunteering for teams such as the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, Ski Patrol and working as a medical supervisor at Burning Man. Combining his work, volunteer and other medical experience he has seen a wide array of injuries and thus has been able to immensely expand his knowledge of assessment/treatment of the sick and injured.


Tracy Manning

Head of Customer Experience

Passionate listener with strengths in business strategy. Her goal is to make sure that the customer’s unique perspective is considered at every touchpoint. Tracy helps multi-disciplined teams gain empathy for a customer’s “day in the life” needs empowering synergistic alignment towards designing a best in class physical and/or digital solution.


Charles Curbbun

Head of Design Innovation

Inspirational leader in Design Thinking and Human Centered Design. Charles provides vision and focus to harness the talents of interdisciplinary development teams, always balancing eye-popping innovation with usability – revolutionizing the look-and-feel of tomorrow.

He has an extensive understanding of the evolving product development process. His approach to design combines an emphasis on creating unique user experiences for people, with the ability to produce quantifiable ROI and competitive advantage.

Over the past 35 years, he has been involved in developing iconic products, and has helped create strong corporate product branding. During this time he accumulated 50 design and utility patents.


Judy Muller-Cohn, PhD


Judy has founded several successful biotechnology companies, growing them into successful commercial and scientific businesses. Judy's contributions are wide-ranging, including product innovation and development, intellectual property protection, and fund raising. She earned her doctorate in Microbial Biochemistry at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France.

Rolf Headshot_Tahiti.png

Rolf Muller, PhD


Rolf is a serial healthcare entrepreneur over the past 20 years, with 10 years of research in viral
genetics, including many different virus types and work in Biosafety Level-3 (BSL-3) high
security laboratories. He obtained his doctorate at the Pasteur Institute in molecular virology,
and conducted research at the Institute of Virology in Oxford and the Salk Institute in San
Diego. He is currently CEO of BioFluidica, a cancer diagnostics company.



ABC 10 News, San Diego, June 11, 2020

Startup creates mobile COVID-19 testing clinic on wheels

Mobile Express Clinics has been selected as a Semi-Finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing Competition - September 4, 2020


Cradle Genomics Logo

Jeff Eidel, COO

Cradle Genomics Inc.

Mobile Xpress Clinics is very responsive in mobilizing testing on very short notice and we deeply appreciated the efforts.  The testing went very smoothly and I’ve heard only positive feedback from our employees who were tested.  Lastly, the results came quickly and were easy to access via MXC’s portal.

Colleen Slocum, EVP

Seacoast Commerce Bank

Mobile Xpress Clinics came to our bank on short notice. They arrived with nurses and staff and serviced our staff with poise and ease. We got our results and are back at work.

Liz Bui, PhD, JD, VP


Great service and fast turn-around times. It allowed us to move quickly to keep our folks safe.

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