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Retirement & Long-Term Care Facilities

Are you completing a COVID-19 Mitigation Testing Plan or a Coronavirus-related safety and testing process for your business?


We can help you comply with the California Department of Public Health’s weekly screening test requirement for health care and long-term care facility staff! 


We work with 8 CLIA labs to get you the appropriate test with your necessary Turn Around Time.

Mobile Xpress Clinics can provide regular testing of your employees in a variety of ways:


  1. We can set up testing at your place of business and test all employees onsite. This can be a one- time service, or a weekly schedule, based on your needs. Contact us to develop an onsite testing site that meets your needs.

  2. Schedule a drive-thru testing site in your business’ parking lot, or in an approved location off- site. Employees can be given the location and, if desired, be allowed to make appointments for specific drive-thru testing times.

  3. San Diego County employers can also give employees a weekly test result deadline each week and allow them to schedule an appointment for our drive-thru testing site in Sorrento Valley, specifying they are completing testing for your business when the testing sample is collected.

  4. For employees who have been previously infected or immunized, we can arrange for mobile or drive-thru immunity testing using the Easy Check COVID-19 test which delivers results in 10 minutes. 


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